Jared Love - Chapman University


Tyler Cook - Chapman University


Connor Battaglia - Chapman University


George Mendoza - Rio Hondo University


Kyle Kasser - Oregon University


Dylan Mitchell - Golden West College


Zach Verlaan - Holy Name University


Cameron Bishop - UC Irvine (also drafted

by Arizona Diamondbacks)


George Carralejo - Cal State Fullerton




San Francisco Giants

Tom Anthony

Nick James

Phil Sutton


Los Angeles Dodgers

D.J. Houlton


Kansas City Royals

Barry Stace


Los Angeles Angels

Joe Parga

Phil Seibel


Baltimore Orioles

Rick Barrett


Atlanta Braves

Michael Hennessey

Bill Haddon

Rich Brown

Matt Everingham

Mark Shipley

Brian Murphy


Boston Red Sox

Dave Underwood


Pittsburgh Pirates

Andy Tomberlin

Former Pupils

Rich Pohle Baseball Development - 

Where we teach you the PRO way!

    Rich Pohle

Baseball Development

Located in Fountain Valley, Orange County, Rich Pohle Baseball is run by Rich Pohle , alias "Rocky Perone."  Rich is a former scout for the Giants and Dodgers and coached in the Braves organization.

He has also been featured in national media such as Sports Illustrated, and the Los Angeles Times.

                                                            (714) 293-6965