In 1974, 36-year-old Richard Pohle was out of shape and almost completely bald.  He was frustrated that he never realized his goal of playing professional baseball.

But he still had a dream and that dream would not die. 

So he put on a wig, worked out like crazy and changed his identity. He became 21-year-old Rocky Perone.  He finagled a tryout with the San Diego Padres, and, incredibly, was signed to a contract.

Pohle was eventually unmasked, but not before realizing his dream of playing - and starring - in a professional baseball game. 

This story is inspirational because it shows that it is never too late to pursue your dreams, no matter the odds – even if those odds appear insurmountable. 


Rich Pohle 

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    Rich Pohle

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Located in Fountain Valley, Orange County, Rich Pohle Baseball is run by Rich Pohle , alias "Rocky Perone."  Rich is a former scout for the Giants and Dodgers and coached in the Braves organization.

He has also been featured in national media such as Sports Illustrated, and the Los Angeles Times.

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